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Individual  training

You're a lone wolf. A renegade. We get you. That's why we have so many individual workout options available. Wanna throw the kettlebells around? No problem. Jonesing for a quick 5-miler on the treadmill? You'll always find a free one. You chart your fitness course. We'll be the compass.

Nicole has been in the fitness industry for over a decade. While she has been tinkering with her own training and nutrition since Junior High, she started her official training with a dual track minor at UC Santa Barbara in Personal Training and Group Exercise Instruction. She worked at Bally Total Fitness as both a trainer and group exercise instructor for 9 years. She currently trains out of 24 Hour Fitness Sunnyvale Super Sport. Each year she attends conferences to stay current with industry research and trends to give her clients and classes the best workouts and information possible. 

"Coach Nic" holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara and a master's degree in Kinesiology: Exercise Physiology from San Jose State University. While attending SJSU she also incorporated the classes from the Sports Nutrition Minor. She is certified by AFAA in both Primary

Group Exercise and Personal Fitness Instruction and is also certified in Pilates, Cycling and Sports Nutrition. 

Coach Nic will help you:
Assess your physical condition and track changes
Set goals
Make a nutritional plan and learn better eating habits
Learn proper strength training technique
Improve endurance
Find motivation
Improve your appearance
Feel better
Improve your health
Gain muscle and lose fat

The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step (or plank or squat thrust) of the way. Contact us!


Coach nic